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Hi Les,


You're on the right track.  The little collar does pop off, usually at the
expense of a fingernail or two.  Lacking enough fingernails, a table knife
will do the trick.  Be sure when you replace the bulb you don't touch it
with your fingers - a Kleenex will be adequate protection for the bulb.


Irwin "Scotty" Scott

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I have a 2001 N.T. 37 with the salon overhead lights recessed in what look
like "eyeball" mounts that can swivel.  I noticed that one of the bulbs is
out.  I have spares and went into
into the mounting but did not see any way to get to the bulb, which is
visible through the covering glass disk.  I believe that I have changed a
bulb in one of these fixtures some years ago but don't recall how.  I do see
what appears to be a slight crack line around the collar near the glass face
but when I try to pull it off with my hands it does not readily release.  I
do not want to break the plastic by going further to force it with a tool.
Can anyone tell me how to change a halogen bulb in one of these salon
overhead lights?

Les Rothman, Autumn Saga, NTK37054F101 

 Rothman: Voice: (H) 352-373-1550; (M) 352-214-1594;  e-mail
<mailto:lkrothman at yahoo.com> lkrothman at yahoo.com


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