[Sentoa] Salon overhead halogen lights

David Cheyette david at cheyette.com
Mon Jan 14 10:19:23 EST 2013

Hi Kirk,

Do you have the part number at Defender (or link) for these LED replacements?  Also, aside from the lower wattage, do you find that the light is brighter than the halogens?

David Cheyette
Maisy 37-100
Anacortes, Wa

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Scott's advice is correct. I have the same year and length tug but I am slowly replacing my halogen with LED's from Defender marine-they have one that will fit right in the hole of the old halogen fixture. If you do install LED's remember the wiring is terminal specific.

Kirk Glenn
First Light

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I have a 2001 N.T. 37 with the salon overhead lights recessed in what look like "eyeball" mounts that can swivel.  I noticed that one of the bulbs is out.  I have spares and went into
into the mounting but did not see any way to get to the bulb, which is visible through the covering glass disk.  I believe that I have changed a bulb in one of these fixtures some years ago but don't recall how.  I do see what appears to be a slight crack line around the collar near the glass face but when I try to pull it off with my hands it does not readily release.  I do not want to break the plastic by going further to force it with a tool.  Can anyone tell me how to change a halogen bulb in one of these salon overhead lights?

Les Rothman, Autumn Saga, NTK37054F101


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