[Sentoa] Salon overhead halogen lights

Linda Vanaman CaptLVann at comcast.net
Mon Jan 14 22:16:47 EST 2013

<Do you have the part number at Defender (or link) for these LED
replacements?  Also, aside from the lower wattage, do you find that the
light is brighter <than the halogens?

I replaced all my G-4 halogen lights with LED lights shortly after last
years Miami Boat Show. The replacement lights are MUCH brighter, and use
about a tenth of the power.  (I was real anal in the beginning with the
numbers, but, suffice it to say, about a tenth.)  I put in lights with ten
LED's.  I am very happy with the end result:  brightness, coolness, and
efficiency.  I'd sent this note to another tugger at that time:

This is the company I bought my LED bulbs from.  I think these are the ones
I bought for the overhead.  I know the pins are on the end, not the back,
for the overhead lights.  Not only are the lights brighter than the halogen
was, but, the draw if much less.  The draw is a little less than .2 on my


For the reading lights, I used these:

I bought a different type for one of the dome lights, but they are pretty
expensive, and not worth changing out, IMHO.  The size makes it very
difficult to fit the fixtures that I have.  I didn't do they exterior
lights, I was just trying to brighten up the inside a little, and cut the

They had them on sale at the Miami Boat show, and I asked if they'd mail
them to me after I checked where the pins came out, which they did.  I'm
very happy with them.  Just now when I went down to look at them to count
the LED's (there are lots of 5's and 7's for sale, these have 10) I packaged
up my G-4 bulbs for spares.

On another note, I changed my anchor light to LED as well.  I didn't bother
with the side/stern/masthead lights as they are only being used when the
alternator is charging.

Linda Vanaman
Florida Keys

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