[Sentoa] Privacy Window Coverings

Dan Kellogg dkhome at seanet.com
Sat Jan 26 23:42:03 EST 2013


We are trying to deal with the vexing problem of covering the portholes 
in the master cabin, guest cabin and heads.  The solution needs to 
provide privacy and light control whether the ports are open or closed.  
If the ports are open, the solution needs to provide for ventilation.

In our boat, the surfaces above the portholes are at an angle that make 
attaching a screen difficult without a valance - - - which we would like 
to avoid due to infringement on the light and view.

At present we have hand-sewn "bonnets" that fit loosely over the 
porthole frames like an old-fashioned shower cap.

We have seen "disk" solutions that cover the porthole glass.  But the 
disks provide no privacy or light control if the port is open.

Please send any photos of your solutions.

Many thanks for your suggestions.

Dan Kellogg
Kindred Spirit (NT 42-071)
Newcastle, WA

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