[Sentoa] AGM Battery Life

Al McKenney aem28 at verizon.net
Tue Jan 29 19:10:00 EST 2013

I would endorse AGMs for their no maintenance and long life qualities..

My original Nordic batteries were flooded. In August 2003, I replaced the start battery with a Deka AGM.

Just now it is showing signs of weakening. If I don't keep it charged up, in a couple of days it will not start the Cummins. So I will replace it soon with a Lifeline AGM, since that is now the factory standard. Also, for the same battery, the Lifeline provides more AHr's.

I think 8+ years is a good run for a start battery. I also think that keeping it charge up helps its life,.

Al McKenney
Nordic Star 32-178
Williamsburg VA
aem28 at verizon.net. 
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