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For what it’s worth: 


My starter battery is several years old and all it takes is less than a second to get the engine running. This is my first diesel so I thought that’s the way diesels are supposed to start. 





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Fellow Tuggers,

I've always felt the 4D battery is marginally sufficient to spin the 5.9 Cummins diesel.  My recollection is that Cummins recommends an 8D but finds a 4D acceptable so I think that reinforces my opinion.  (Comments pertain to mechanical injected engines though I doubt there is significant difference with the electronic model.)  My solution is to always parallel the house and engine bank when I cold start the main, which provides a quick spin and quick start.  I think that also lessens the chance of damage to the starter motor operating at low voltage.  That may have no more significance than Venus' proximity to Mars but it makes me feel better.  

Jim Moore 
RILEY 37085


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I have hull 32-296 (similar vintage) and my start battery is straining too.  I notice when I start the Volvo.  The engine used to jump to life, now it cranks for 2 or 3 seconds before starting.  I'm loosing confidence the thing will start.

I haven't jumped to the conclusion it is the battery yet.  In need to check to see if the charger is doing it's thing. 

Richard Nye
Sojourn, Newport Beach, CA

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> My 2007 32 was factory equipped with Lifeline AGM batteries. It was delivered in January of 2007. It is now six years old. Last week when we were out I thought I noticed the starter battery straining - it seemed to be cranking a little slower. Likewise, the bow thruster seemed to drop in speed after a few (maybe ten) seconds. 
> I'm fixing to do some testing and investigation, but thought I'd ask the list for their experience with AGM's.
> From what I see about AGM's, my warm climate may have been hard on the batteries. Otherwise, I've probably put less stress on them than most users. No deep discharges, charger always connected, etc. The engine has always started very quickly, no extensive cranking. I've not noticed any problems with the house bank yet, but they get little stress. 
> I know I have an 8D start battery and two (golf cart?) six volt batteries for the house bank. Does the factor use "deep discharge" batteries for some and "start" batteries for others. Or in Lifeline is there any differentiation?
> What is your experience? Is six years as good as I should expect? I have to say it has been nice not to have even thought about the batteries for six years!
> Jeff Hassell
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