[Sentoa] Waste Tank Monitor - Tank Watch 4

Buddy Brown buddyb at nordictugs.com
Tue Nov 15 09:06:19 EST 2016

There is an off chance that the 3/4 float is stuck on the sending unit.
There are a few ways people on this list have fixed it... should be in the
SENTOA maintenance section. For sure way to know is pull the sending unit
and check the floats. It's a bit gross, but soak the sender wands in a 5
gal bucket of bleach solution to help clean it up (maybe a scrub with
someone else's tooth brush). The floats should move easily.
Alternatively, a more fun way, but maybe not as effective, is to half fill
the black tank with water and bleach...maybe some tide... and take the
boat out wake jumping, hard corners fast stops. Then check for function.
 In the end, you may just have a dead bulb.

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