42 Nordic Tug Bowsprit

Buddy Brown buddyb at nordictugs.com
Tue Nov 29 10:56:52 EST 2016

Good Morning,

Can’t say I’ve done it but here are two options.

Option 1:

1.       Remove sprit rail section. This rail section is added to the
standard non-sprit boats. (you may have to loose a couple stanchions on a
side rail to get the old rail out and the new in as there is a sleeve
inside.) A new rail section is required.

2.       If the Sampson post is mounted through the sprit…remove it.

3.       Remove the bow roller(s)…they may get damaged if you do not.

4.       Remove the windlass.

a.       Take the back off the windlass to access and disconnect the wiring.

b.      From the bottom side remove the fasteners, they should be through a
backing plate.

c.       Plastic or wood wedges are next, on the top side start the tips of
as many wedges as you can, slowly drive them in, try to get a corner to

                                                               i.      3M
spray adhesive remover will help break loose the sealant.

                                                             ii.      A
small putty knife to reach under the part as it lifts to cut the sealant.

                                                            iii.      Keep
driving in the wedges…it should lift up…remove windlass, set aside.

5.       Remove the sprit:

a.       There are several bolts holding down the sprit, remove them. You
may have to pull down some overhead panels in the master stateroom.

b.      Put down duct tape and card board to protect the non-skid.

c.       Repeat wedging process with the sprit. (The likely spot to start
the wedges would be at a front corner, underneath.)

d.      Don’t be in a hurry…it will lift slowly. If you go at it to
aggressively you may rip up some non-skid under the sprit.

6.       Clean up the mess, patch in the extra holes in the deck. (matching
the non-skid pattern will be the worst of this part)

7.       With any luck the windlass and Sampson post will mount in the same
holes with shorter bolts.

8.       Mount the roller (likely just one).

9.       Install the new rail piece (reseal the rails you loosed.).

10.   Take a picture and have a beer.

Option 2:

1.       Remove the sprit rail section. (See 1 and 9 above.)

2.       Remove bow roller(s)

3.       Carefully measure your boat and cut the sprit off 1” shorter than
your slip allows.

4.       Tape off some straight lines back an inch or two from the cut edge.

5.       Grind the corners round, grind all cuts  to a relatively smooth
glass able surface.

6.       Glass over the cut edge. Gelcoat.

7.       Install the bow roller.

8.       Install the new rail section (reseal the rails you loosed.)

9.       See 10 above.

Personally I would choose option 2.

Good luck,


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Has anyone ever removed the bowsprit on a 42 Nordic Tug?  I am trying to
determine if this is feasible to meet a marina length requirement.

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